HTTPS security is compromised error. How to fix?

on this page i has embed the iframe. Its iframe contents links. If i go to playlist tab and try to click on pictures in console of IE9 i see:

SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised

Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot!

This is an Internet Explorer error when it encounters mixed content (or what it thinks may be mixed content). Usually the error message also specifies which file is at fault, as in

SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by

If you link to any images, JavaScript or CSS files from an https site you need to do so using https.

One of our web developers uses the following html as a placeholder for styling a drop down list.

<a href="" class="arrow"></a>

Is this considered a valid? Since there is no href value, it shows up as broken on some of our link checker reports.

However, standard practice is to use href="#" or sometimes href="javascript:;".

when I click href="#", focus moves to top of the page in IE, so I thkink href="javascript:;" is better

As others have said, it is valid.

There are some downsides to each approach though:

href="#" adds an extra entry to the browser history (which is annoying when e.g. back-buttoning).

href="" reloads the page

href="javascript:;" does not seem to have any problems (other than looking messy and meaningless) - anyone know of any?

While it may be completely valid HTML to not include an href, especially with an onclick handler, there are some things to consider: it will not be keyboard-focusable without having a tabindex value set. Furthermore, this will be inaccessible to screenreader software using Internet Explorer, as IE will report through the accessibility interfaces that any anchor element without an href attribute as not-focusable, regardless of whether the tabindex has been set.

So while the following may be completely valid:

<a class="arrow">Link content</a>

It's far better to explicitly add a null-effect href attribute

<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="arrow">Link content</a>

For full support of all users, if you're using the class with CSS to render an image, you should also include some text content, such as the title attribute to provide a textual description of what's going on.

<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="arrow" title="Go to linked content">Link content</a>
Try to do <a href="#" class="arrow"> instead. (Note the sharp # character).


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