Heart Break Kid

When i was a SHS2 student, i fell in love with a lovely girl...she is pretty, smart, and naughty...But the other day, she went away with another guy..perhaps it was just her choice, or perhaps i cannot give what she dreams. whatever,she left me, and from then on, it seems to be suffering a horriable disaster. 

when she loved me, i ignored her; when she left me, i just feel how much i love her. and its too late, she wont come back again. i don wanna know why so, i am scared and unwilling. 

perhaps, this is the most penitential thing in my life. 

i am so frustrated that i missed too many good girls. deeply in my heart, i really would like to have a girl to be in company with me the left timing. but i am self-contemptuous, i do fear to face the girl when she knows where i am from, how poor i am. it seems to be a big worrior to they guys from rural areas. or it is just to me! 

now all i can do is just to study harder and harder to win a good future, and make my parents live a confortable life.Fighting, man!You can do it!

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